Aquila's Ceramic Tiles

Our Collection of tiles are beautifully replicated to give the appearance of natural texture to enhance your property’s interior. Drawing inspiration from various species finishes including rustic reclaimed planks to smooth contemporary tiles.
The company promises to make its mark in the ceramic sector. Space can become a symbol of comfort when Aquila provides new ideas for decorating your property.
Aquila is known for the supply of high quality of vitrified tiles. We will be delivering best value in form of Quality Products to the buyers. Like platinum, our product will remain elegant and enduring for long time. We make sure that investing in our tiles will give you best returns in the long run and will make your native brand very popular.
Amazing quality ambiance with a blend of Italian, Spanish and high end machinery as well as technological excellence and expertise is reflected in the well-designed quality tiles that make our identity.
Aquila is a one stop solution as far as Ceramic Tiles and Granite Rough Blocks are concern.

Tiles category

elevation tiles

Elevation tiles design is created with the sense of grandeur and they really offer zenith designs.

Poster tiles

Commercial art work in the form of poster design

matt finish tiles

Its rough texture makes it suitable for slippery floors, giving it a natural anti skid feature.

Floor tiles

Our floor tiles created and designed in various colors, materials, shapes, size and styles.

bathroom tiles

Materials thought for a welcoming, natural and soft bathroom, for a trendy and sophisticated living style able to blend with any space.

kitchen tiles

Kitchen wall tiles both protect and personalise the hardest working room in the house.