Waste Water Treatment

For industrial companies producing wastewater as part of its process, some type of wastewater treatment system is usually necessary to ensure safety precautions and discharge regulations are met. The most appropriate industrial wastewater treatment system will help the facility avoid harming the environment, human health, and a facility’s process or products (especially if the wastewater is being reused). It will also help the facility curb heavy fines and possible legal action if wastewater is being improperly discharged into a POTW (publicly owned treatment works)

Wastewater treatment is a process, which is used to convert wastewater into a useful effluent (with no negligible health and environmental issues), which is then returned back to the water-cycle or in other words, it can be reused.

Different Industries with different processes land up at different waste /wash stream/effluent characterized by the TDS, COD, BOD, Turbidity and thus the treatment scheme for each also varies. The design of a comprehensive recycling system is Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) situation where the final evaporated and dried solids. It is a combination of membrane/non-membrane biological processes viz. UF pre-treatment followed by pre-concentration by RO and then the evaporator. As we go down the treatment scheme, the capital costs, as well as operating costs, increase exponentially–evaporation being the most expensive. The versatility of membrane technology and the ranges of separation gives the flexibility to achieve the maximum efficiency and reduce operating cost not only for membrane parts but by bringing down overall load.

Our Advantage towards Sustainable Zero Liquid Discharge:

  • Our Membrane based system has high Chemical Oxygen Demand and Biological Oxygen Demand tolerance.
  • This membrane based plant can handle high level of TDS and COD and will take it around 40,000 PPM.
  • The plant is biofilm formation and fouling.
  • Our wastewater treatment plants has been supplied in different industries for treating effluent from textile, Dyeing, Biotech, Vegetable Oil Manufacturing, Agro Chemical, Specialty chemicals, Oil and Gas etc.
  • Our system will make the company eco-friendly because it can be clubbed with evaporator and make it zero liquid discharge company.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment Plant for below Applications:

  • Seawater and Brackish water treatment.
  • Removal of Colloidal Silica.
  • Production of ultrapure water (HPW) for use in dialysis in hospitals.
  • Production of boiler feed water.
  • Production of Process Utility Water.
  • Production of Semiconductor grade 18 Mega Ohm Water systems for PCB, Electronics and Solar wafer Industries.